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My background is in the creative sector. I have worked in TV, Film, Radio, Digital Audio, Publishing, Contemporary Art, as a Curator, Strategist, Designer, CSR Specialist, and my favourite job: Cinema Usher at The Filmhouse, Edinburgh. My favourite things in life are: beautiful fonts, photos, food, film, travel and great design.  I work on F/L creative  projects so please get in contact if you’d like to know more. I am also the Editor of the BritMums Penguin Book Club. BritMums is  a global digital collective of 10000 leading  blogger/social media influencers who are parents.

Best and Beyond is about the best in everyday life from the finest olives to the best films. High-end to downright mainstream it doesn’t matter as long as it celebrates the best.  Based in South London, UK I tend to work with seasonal food and contemporary/popular culture. I grew up in a family that are not particularly interested in cooking so this is possibly my reaction against lots of soggy, boiled potatoes and uninspiring food.  I can spot a  metallic wrapped Tunnoch’s Caramel Wafer from 500 yards. I am a yoga nut and over the past few years I have transformed from a Curly Wurly to a Flake in postural terms and I’m still working on it.

London is a gateway to many wonderful worlds and cultural and culinary  influences and hopefully the blog will evolve to reflect this.  I am a  great, everyday cook and  make my own bread including proper Scottish rolls (a real skill apparently). Like many Bloggers, my best creations are usually eaten so quickly I don’t get time to capture them for the blog.  I love comments/feedback/suggestions so do get in touch  at: beyondsw12(at)gmail.com

I am really keen on travel particularly short getaways and am currently looking at short Ferry Journeys from and within the UK. If you have suggestions please email/tweet me. I’m also interested in clean beauty/ household products.

You will also find looking at the comment sources on the blog some of the best and most interesting.inspiring blogs/social media influencers around so click through.

Look forward to hearing from you





February 2013

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