Beryl The Goat’s Capricorn Goats Cheese Pizza – My Winning Recipe

Capricorn Goats Cheese Pizza

Capricorn Goats Cheese Pizza



This was so easy to decide. I’d been sent some Capricorn Goats Cheese with some recipe cards. The only thing was friends kept suggesting alternative uses in other words their favourite way to eat Goats Cheese. This works really well, with  red onion (sweet and slightly caramelised) and the sharpness of the Rocket. I don’t think you need as much passata as the recipe specified otherwise you’d drown the other ingredients in a visible and probably taste spectrum as well so I’ve halved the quantity of passata required and used a plastic pastry brush to cover the base rather than just dolloping it on. I also made my own pizza base with the help of my great bread maker (the one with the nut dispenser I never use) and making your own passata is always a nice idea until you run out of time. Think the cartons are about 1/3 of the price of jars in all well-known supermarkets including Lidl.


Serves 2

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 6-8 minutes



1 x 100g Capricorn Goats Cheese

2 ready made pizza bases (or make your own if you have time)

60g tomato passata

1/2 red onion, sliced into rings

80g sun-blushed tomatoes

A handful of rocket

A handful of pitted black olives

Olive oil

Sea Salt (you don’t really need this)

Freshly ground black pepper


1. Cover the pizza bases with a layer of tomato passata and add the rocket

Tomato and Rocket Pizza

First stage of the Capricorn Goats Cheese Pizza



2. Add the sun-blushed tomatoes and scatter the red onion rings over the top

Tomato,Rocket,Red Onion Pizza


3. Dice the Capricorn Goats Cheese and sprinkle over, then finish off with a handful of black olives.

Capricorn Goats Cheese Pizza

Capricorn Goats Cheese Pizza


4. Season with pepper (and salt optional)

5. Place the pizza in the middle of a pre-heated oven and cook at 180C for 6-8 minutes (you know your oven adjust accordingly)

6. Serve with extra rocket as desired and a drizzle of olive oil



Was it worth it? Yes, this cheese is really, really good. I’d been told by one of their competitors it was considered to be the Gold Standard bearer within their cheese making community and we could see why. I’ve made it twice since then which for me means it was very good.  You can buy Capricorn from Waitrose, Tesco and hopefully your local deli. 100g cheese barrel £1.75 from Waitrose.

Capricorn Goats Cheese

The Lubborn Creamery

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