London Board Games Cluedo: London Edition

photoEveryone loves board games in the winter. We were given several board games for Christmas 2012. Monopoly (opened, great fun but two and a half hours later no one had managed to buy a Hotel – it must have been us); Scrabble inspired by our local cafe with the biggest board I’ve ever seen (unopened but only because my Children love playing there) and Cluedo: London Edition.

My memories of old Cluedo were of  fun and laughter and this lived up to expectations. Did Cluedo inspire Murder, Mystery Weekends? Some of the characters have been updated to reflect contemporary times, roles and business relationships. Miss Scarlett is still in (yeah!!!!) Colonel Mustard has changed to become Mayor Mustard and the poor unsuspecting Victim a Press Baron with dubious links to some of the suspects. There’s even a footballer, Gus Green.

Great thing about this game is it’s good fun, works on many levels i.e. appeals to adults and children and has an end in sight. We’ve played it several times and the running time for two adults two children over 8 seems to be 1hr 15mins with a satisfactory conclusion i.e there is a clear winner so no bickering. When we’ve played we’ve also all been quite close in the running so no one is left feeling really disappointed.

Canary Wharf Cluedo London

I was told recently by a prominent blogger  you are either a card or a game playing family. We are both and this was great fun. The locations have been updated and so we were familiar with London landscape  including Canary Wharf and how to travel to destinations i.e. tube or taxi.  Sometimes your memory plays tricks on you i.e. nostalgia about how good something was when you were younger i.e. better than it was. This was good fun and the only disagreement about the game was which biscuits to eat with it. Custard Creams or Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer? Decisions, Decisions.

Cluedo: London Edition is available to buy at leading High Street Retailers and online at

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