Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 Dog Days

>Wimpy Kid Branded Popcorn  for Vue Westfield Screening of Dog Days

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 Dog Days


If you haven’t seen the other two Wimpy Kid films catch this as a taster. It is so funny. It is rocking back and forward funny for 8 year olds and laugh out loud for adults.  We sat in Vue Westfield with everyone laughing – a great feeling!

 Wimpy Kid 3 opens with Greg starting his Summer Hol’s with plans to game all Summer. Those plans are slowly eroded by his Father who wants the perfect outdoors fanatic for a son and a Mother who wants him to read Little Women. Although the Summer doesn’t exactly go to plan for Greg by the end he probably feels it’s turned out much, much better than he could have imagined. Ahhhh.

The mainly young cast were authentic, ironic and not your typical young performers as they gave a real sense of world-weariness and anxiety about their parents that most people could relate too.  They were also a great reminder that sometimes it’s much more fun not complying with your parents’ wishes and paying the price later on.

Jeff Kinney the author introduced the film explaining they never thought it would resonate with a UK audience. The themes and the humour have made it a global hit. A clever and charming guy. Jeff said “Hi” and thanked us for coming as we walked into the cinema where the screening took place.  So, he is now in my favourite list of authors – how many would bother to do that?

His Winter 2012 UK promotional tour is supporting the NSPCC

26 NOVEMBER, 2012


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