Dickens Museum London

A quick visual tour of the Charles Dickens Museum. Long-awaited refurbishment. It’s sympathetically and creatively well done. Unless you are a Dickens scholar you are unlikely to spend hours there and if I was you highly recommend going when it’s quiet otherwise you might get swept along. Nice cafe with great looking cakes: apricot, raspberry and lemon curd sponge and the squidgiest, softest looking Caramel Shortcake that just screamed EAT ME. However, the cafe was closing early that day. Arts Fund Members gain free entrance and probably worth joining online in advance. Everyone else pays! As the Museum of the Year Contenders are currently being searched for I really hope it makes it on to the shortlist.  Dickens life story was unusual and the route he took to overcome adversity in so many ways showed what strength of character he must have had. We left feeling we’d learned a lot and wanting to read more.

Entrance signage to Charles Dickens Museum London Green backgroudn with blue and black typeface

Entrance to Charles Dickens Museum London

Named Place Setting and Plate for Daniel Maclise friend of Dickens White Plate with Blue Portrait detail

Place Setting for Daniel Maclise in Dining Room.

Shadow of Dickens painted on wall dark grey on lighter background signposting way round house

Dicken’s shadow guides you round the house

Portrait of Queen Victoria with Red Christmas Berries on mantlepiece

Portrait of Queen Victoria with Christmas Berries underneath

Small artefacts relating to Dickens life mounted on wall with background info relating to each one on an address label

Dickens Museum Small artefacts mounted on wall leading into the cafe

The Charles Dickens Museum
48 Doughty Street,
London, WC1N 2LX

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7405 2127
Email: info@dickensmuseum.com




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