Happy Food at Tech N Taste


Jelly Bean Cupcake

Getting ready for Halloween Jelly Bean Cupcake


I was at Talk Talk’s Tech n Taste recently. It was fun, interesting and they had great food. Just round the corner from The Photographer’s Gallery they had a session on Food Bombs with Giles Phelps. Very funny, insightful and so reassuring to hear that personal, passionate close-ups of food are the way to go or Up, Close and Personal. His site is worth looking at for the warmth and humour and also reinforces the notion of being yourself.

There were also some great food brands there. Or in other words, things, food, people I like.   So the  Teapigs girls were fun and stylish and loved their tea, Hummingbird Bakery cakes and staff were warm and friendly outlining their Autumn Range – Toffee Apple gets my vote. And, Helsham Chocolates were just delicous. In the name of research, I’ve been to several Food Fairs/and or Festivals and this was the most interestingly flavoured chocolate I’ve tasted this year  (particularly Cardamon). And, I’ve tasted a lot. For years, I’ve had a real thing about coffee as in it would be my first choice but I could begin to understand that perhaps I might nip into my local shop to buy some Teapigs. It really felt like a slow dawning a bit like Wolford Opaques compared to well-known high street retailers. You just can’t go back.


Teapigs have taken over from some of the less than cool conventional tea brands

I now have a big cool bag of Capricorn Goat’s Cheese.  I’ve been told by an unrelated Somerset Cheese Producer that this is the best cheese in Somerset produced by The Lubborn Creamery or as she described it “gold”.  It is now British Food Fortnight so I guess this is  timely.

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