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Honour Elif Shafak UK Paperback



This week on @BritMums the first discussion started on Elif Shafak’s novel Honour. Set in Turkey and London during the 1970s and present day it explores the nature of family secrets and what constitutes “Honour” in some cultures. How far would you go to protect your family honour within a community? It’s a beautifully  written, rich novel to read in terms of characterisation, description and the immigrant experience  but ultimately for me it stresses that most of us are “outsiders” and/or “others” (including me).


Shafak is smart  and has a great love of language regularly speaking at global cultural events such as TED Talks, but she is also a craftswoman as first and foremost it is a heart-rending novel. The chain of events and the importance and legacy of shared family history for many is meaningfully shared. I don’t want to give too much about the great storyline as you can read that in the broadsheet reviews online. However, I would highly recommend this novel for anyone looking for a thought-provoking read. I haven’t stopped thinking about it.




Penguin Books kindly sent me a preview copy as Editor of the BritMums Book Club. The Book Club provides the first 100 BritMums Parent Bloggers to register on a monthly basis with a preview copy. If you are a Parent Blogger and haven’t already joined you can register here. Link to the novel above is a substantial review from a reliable broadsheet. I don’t have any link with TED Talks but it is worth knowing about as they have so many inspiring speakers and you can access the films for free – no brainer really!


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