#IF – Enough Food For Everyone IF




Tomorrow, Saturday 8 June is a big day for Global Hunger Activists – they’re children, parents, carers, farmers from Tanzanier to Alloa as well as Lobbyists. I’m thinking hard about what I will do in terms of food consumption i.e. eating less meat, buying less, buying more from Independent, Local Shops. In the meantime, I’ve emailed my MP asking for transparency on accounting, taxes and land-grabbing in developing countries. Global Food Producers need to be more accountable and take an active role in helping different communities not just through CSR projects.  The Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign aims to eradicate global hunger and tomorrow the Hyde Park event will hopefully play a key role in providing enough food for everyone. As the  song goes “if we all cared a little, shared a little  – then shouts (BIT MORE)”. There would be enough for everyone.

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