Josephine Hart Poetry Week – Auden

Last week across five evenings a celebration of different poet’s work took place. Tuesday was Auden. For £10 the audience sat back and listened to David Hare introduce and contextualise Auden’s work from Josephine Hart’s detailed introduction with a few perspectives of his own while Felicity Kendal and Dominic West read the poems. An hour and a quarter later you could have heard a pin drop.

The purpose was to celebrate National Poetry Day, Josephine Hart’s love of poetry and what it could bring people in terms of change or inspiration. It was also a poignant reminder of what love can bring. Organised by her husband Maurice Saatchi and The Michael Grandage Company it was a wonderful tribute to someone who was clearly so resolutely loved and admired by the Creative Community. Wow.


Life Saving: Why We Need Poetry by Josephine Hart is due for Hardback and Kindle Publication 1 November 2012

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