Recipe: Extraordinarily Good Tuna Nicoise with Warm Halloumi

There is something about Easter that makes me start thinking/eating eggs. I wonder…. We buy and eat lots of Fresh, Free Range Eggs from a stall at Balham Farmer’s Market, London. The producer supplies Simpson’s Piccadilly, Claridge’s and a number of other high-end restaurants. He charges £1.10 for 6 lovely, fresh eggs. This is a cheap, nutritious and happy meal.  It’s served in Harry’s Bar Venice, Claridge’s London and  my local cafe Tony’s in Battersea.

The great thing about this dish although it’s cheap  its elegant taste is  fit for any King or Queen. My children love it and tell me if they can eat capers, olives and chopped anchovies combined with fresh boiled eggs and tinned tuna everyone else can too!  A baguette is a great combination with some mellow, unsalted butter to absorb any unlikely remnants on your plate.


Eggs Close Up




Recipe: Extraordinarily Good Tuna Nicoise with Warm Halloumi

Serves 4/5



1 boiled egg per person + 1 or 2 more (peeled and cut into quarters)

1 tin tuna (sunflower oil – do not throw away the oil, this is the dressing)

a handful of pitted green olives (drained and rinsed if they’ve been in brine)

1 tbsp capers (drained and rinsed if they’ve been in brine)

2, 3 or even 4 anchovy fillets (drained and cut into small pieces with scissors as its quicker)

1/4 cucumber cut into slices or batons

1/4 red onion finely chopped

2 large vine-ripened tomatoes or lots of small ones whatever is more flavoursome/available

iceberg lettuce or a really fresh round lettuce (washed and rinsed)

1 tbsp of chopped parsley

1 x packet of halloumi


You need to:

place lettuce in a large bowl

add tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, capers, anchovy

carefully place egg quarters on top/around

Tuna nicoise eggs eh corner


add tin of tuna on top with all of the lovely sunflower/olive oil  this is your dressing (nb you can’t do this with brine obviously!)

slice and fry/grill halloumi slices and add to salad once it’s on  plates.

add parsley

you can squeeze half a lemon over the top and obviously add black pepper if you wish


Tuna nicoise above shot



This is such an easy, affordable, nutritious, filling  meal the halloumi combined with egg and tuna is a great savoury combination (particularly meat eaters)  and leaves you full, looking forward to the next time. If you have time let it rest for 30mins to let the flavours come out and mesh with each other. However, we can never wait that long.


tuna nicoise with fork


Eggs in box




Eggs in bowl




eggs close up




Tuna nicoise eggs top close up




egg quarters




egg half



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