Soul Food and Great Scents

Funny how food that is good for you can often taste so damn good. Fish Chowder is a great satisfying meal that makes you feel good. Ayurvedic Chef, Anjum Anand made a delicious Cod Curry similar to chowder and Steamed Pea Cake recently  that hit the spot in so many welcoming ways.


Ayurvedic Chef Anjum Anand making vegetable dumplings called Momo's

Ayurvedic Chef Anjum Anand making vegetable dumplings called Momo’s


Ayurvedic Practice in food incorporates lots of common sense elements like seasonality, variety and consciousness about the mind, body, senses and the soul. The evening was a celebration of Ayurvedic Practice hosted by Palmolive Ayurituel Shower Gel Range. Also, a gentle reminder to follow your instincts. Smelling the three products recently launched in the UK my natural instinct would be to choose Ayurituel Energy on the night. However, one week later I’m gravitating towards Tranquility.


Three products from the Ayurituel Shower Gel Range, Tranquility, Energy and Joyous

Ayurituel Shower Gel Range

What type are you? Anjum has a link on her site to a PDF which will help you decide which type you are. Ayurituel is available in Sainsbury’s and leading stores at a rrsp of ¬£2.99.

Anjum’s Eat Right For Your Body





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