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FIlm – The Secret Life of Pets

Cats or Dogs?



I swore I’d never, ever watch another children’s animated film. I’ve seen so many. This is worth seeing beautiful, vivid animation and strong narrative. Loved Kevin Hart’s psychotic rabbit. Very funny and kept the whole family engrossed.


Wreck-It Ralph Preview

Ralph shares his food with redundant gaming characters at Game Central Station

Ralph at Game Central Station

Disney’s 3D Animation Wreck-It Ralph is fun. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to be Pac-Man and be in the game then this is for you. It’s a bit like the Matrix, with a sprinkling of Wizard of Oz and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for kids, bigger kids and any Gamer. The film is beautiful and has all the rich, dense colours and characterisation you’d expect from one of the leading animation studios. A joy for gamers it’s packed full of in-jokes, references and visual nods to gaming over the past 30 years. I was scratching my head about the exclamation mark – which game was that from? This film is all about having fun and the audience loved it – so did we.

Sergeant Calhoun is the action-hero in Wreck-It Ralph

Don’t mess with Sergeant Calhoun in Wreck-It Ralph

Synopsis summary
Wreck-It Ralph is the big kind giant who has to smash up a house while the small “hero” Fix-It Fred is directed by the console user to quickly fix everything Ralph has wrecked asap. Everything changes in Ralph’s world when he leaves his game going “Turbo” to inhabit another world. He wants to be loved or even just appreciated by his colleagues in his own game when he returns. It’s fun, you’d have to be a hardened cynic not to love the jokes and Ralph’s journey including his friendship with Vannelope and scary joker Turbo.

Ralph meets first real friend Vanellope in the game Sugar Rush in the film Wreck-It Ralph

Ralph meets Vanellope in her world Sugar Rush

Recommended for Family, Friends, Gamers and anyone who likes having fun. This is typical Disney and if you like vibrant, feel-good entertainment and watching the outsider overcome adversity then this is for you.

Reservation: Some of the kids were a bit concerned about Vanellope being “trapped”.

Also Paperman a Disney Short was shown. Beautiful B&W short animation with cultural nods to French 1950’s Animation and Jacques Tati that took ages to make and is the Studio’s first animation for years.

Wreck-It Ralph is scheduled for UK release on Friday 15 February 2013 at leading Cinemas.
Catch it when you can.

Extension unit where Game Central Station is based inside

You’ll never think of an electrical extension point in the same way