The Rise and Rise of the Macaroon

Love cakes but get slightly fed up with bleached or oddly coloured sponge under lots of icing from some well-known bakeries and some not so well-known. However, anyone I write about does NOT fit in the slightly tired, saggy and jaded category. Great piece in The Sunday Times by Rosie Kinchen about The Great British Bake Off and why we’ve all decided to up our sugar intake by making increasingly intricate cakes. For me, its the opportunity to source the ingredients and complete a task from start to finish. Really unusual thing to be able to do at the moment¬† and also possibly a backlash from having a mother who never baked.

I would love to link to the post but because of The Times paywall there is no point. They are off most people’s radar as you can’t access interesting articles/remind yourself of interesting columnists.

We’ve had a sponge cake overdose in our house as there were requests for alternatives. At the South Bank Real Food Market there is a beautiful Macaroon Stall with hand-painted flavour signatures on the top of each. They’re little works of art. I haven’t tried one yet but plan to.¬† So, this weekend we made a Macaroon variation from p127, Green & Black’s Chocolate Recipes ( Kyle Cathie Ltd). I will write it as a separate post. However, much easier than I thought and it absolutely doesn’t need Chocolate Ganache filling. They are delicious as they are.

The Great British Bakeoff

The Real Food Market



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