Taking Time To Read in 2013

I have many plans this year. The most important one is to read more on my own and with my Children (they don’t like being called Kids – that’s for baby goats apparently). I was offered a couple of books linked to Films recently and I was proud to say ahh I am reading with my Kids already (I mean Children). This is what we’ve read….  at a recent event at Nick Hornby’s Ministry of Stories most of the people I met said the book that had encouraged them to read  more  was Enid Blyton’s The Enchanted Wood. So I rushed online and ordered it with  Suzanne Collins’   The Hunger Games Trilogy and Malorie Blackman’s  Noughts and Crosses.

Front cover of Enid Blyton's The Enchanted WoodBoth children have loved them. Youngest has been caught up in a world within lots of worlds and the older one has enjoyed reading books that encourage independent thought and teach the value of questioning everything around you. I’m being lobbied to read Malorie Blackman first. I’ve had a sore throat so didn’t manage as many reading aloud evenings as I’d planned. However, the intention to get them both reading and discover the beauty of being tucked up with a great book in your own little world  has worked.

Noughts and Crosses Front Cover by Malorie Blackman Black and White Cover

I ordered all the books online for Christmas and now feel guilty as my lovely, charming independent bookshop has closed due to increased business rates and slipping sales. It’s very difficult but I don’t want to pay full-price for books that were never in stock and I’d have to make two journeys one to order, one to collect. I’m sure lots of people feel the same best intentions and then you slide.

Reading Enid Blyton left me with a sense of relief that either someone had carefully re-edited her books  (and done a great job) to remove the sharp, harsh tone of some of her others or perhaps that was just how I remembered them!

The recent study by The National Literacy Trust and The Works was to explore the importance of independent reading and the routes to learning i.e. not being reliant on technology and obviously preserve the beauty of the printed word for future generations. My aim in reading to my Children was to offset the increasing amount of technology (which I love) coming into my house e.g. Eldest’s new laptop and increasing desire/conversation about tech products amongst Children.

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