Perfect English Bank Holiday – Hanging out in Yarmouth

5 Great Things to do in Yarmouth (including a Restaurant Tip)

I’ve just spent the weekend in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight at a top-secret location. Ahh, well, I thought it was top-secret until I met two of the UK’s foremost Bloggers. You will find their posts online soon and I will link to them. In the meantime, forget the other side of the Isle of Wight. Yarmouth is the place to be for the best Ferry Trip (approx 20 mins) from Lymington, UK. The short journey and view from the ferry are really impressive (we were travelling on a sunny day).  As soon as you can, hot foot it up the stairs sit right at the front and enjoy the glorious view and boats from Lymington harbour.  It brought back happy memories of sailing round Cape Cod (the weather was perfect for a sail).

This is an ideal crossing for those with young children or those who get sea-sick as it’s quick. The evening ferry has lots of commuters enjoying a quick drink who travel in groups before disembarking and eating dinner in one of the impressive pubs or restaurants within a stone’s throw from the harbour.

Lymington Harbour, Hampshire

Sailing on a hot day you can watch hundreds of boats out and about cruising through the water without a care in the world. Lymington is a beautiful old fishing port and once you’ve arrived at Yarmouth you are in another equally beautiful old fishing port with several really good restaurants, cafe, pubs and a deli stacked with tantalising food. Both harbours have a great maritime tradition and my journey to Lymington reminded me how beautiful the New Forrest is.

Ferry at Yarmouth

There are lots of fun, interesting places and things to do. However, the weather was so blissful we put everything on hold and  just hung out.

5 Great Things to do in Yarmouth

1. Sail into Yarmouth from Lymington and watch the boats go by
2. Go to The George Hotel and have a drink on the terrace. The ferry docks right next to the Hotel.

IOW pier to land
3. Go crabbing on the Pier (right next to the Ferry Port)
4. Walk to the harbour and watch the boats arriving
5. Follow the sailors for the best drinks and fresh food in town. We ate at  On The Rocks (Steak and Fish Restaurant where you cook your main choice on a hot slab of volcanic rock and crisp salads/golden fries arrive swiftly).  The meat and many of the ingredients  are sourced locally and the short journey means you can taste the difference  i.e. it all tastes really fresh. You need to book, link at the bottom.
5b. If you have time walk over to the Yacht club (other side of the road) and watch the dinghy sailing you also get a completely different view of the coastline. They also offer sailing courses for children which are really popular during school holidays.

Yarmouth pier iow 2

Yarmouth pier long shot iow

Minghella Ice Cream Sign Yarmouth

Yarmouth Pier Benefactors

Pier bench Yarmouth iow

Yarmouth Pierhead iow

On The Rocks Yarmouth

If you are interested in other parts of the Isle of Wight Jen at Jenography wrote a really useful piece on her highlights when she stayed in a vintage Air Stream Trailer and friends who used her highlights as a holiday source say The Garlic Farm was one of their big highlights. Also, if you have any recommendations feel free to leave a comment.


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